And the thirst for it

I thought I would share a select list of reading recommendations. My interests lie at some weird intersection of economics, politics, and sports, so perhaps such a list would be rare to come by. Like much of the rest of this site, this list also serves a dual purpose of existing for my personal reference. I didn’t want to maintain links, but Google will serve you well for finding these.

Sports Analytics

There’s no harm in leading with the most entertaining category. Silver’s book in particular might be the best introductory example I have of how to blend concepts with data to approach questions that are new to you, as well as how to communicate the results to a general audience.

Title Author Type
The Signal and the Noise Nate Silver Book
Scorecasting Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim Book
Basketball on Paper Dean Oliver Book
Stumbling on Wins David J. Berri and Martin B. Schmidt Book
Optimal Drafting in Hockey Pools Amy E. Summers, Tim B. Swartz, and Richard A. Lockhart Paper
Estimating Player Contribution in Hockey with Regularized Logistic Regresssion Robert B. Gramacy, Shane T. Jensen, and Matt Taddy Paper

Political Science, Political Economy, and Development Economics

This is an area that I find very motivating. These authors tackle big quesions, and they do so through careful thought and quantitative analysis. There are many other great authors and pieces on how we ended up with our world and how we could make it better, but these are some of my favourites. Reading Scott changed my way of thinking about organized government.

Title Author Type
Seeing like a State James C. Scott Book
Poor Economics Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo Book
Empire of Cotton: A Global History Sven Beckert Book
The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Leaders Richard McGregor Book
Why Nations Fail Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson Book
A Randomized Experimental Study of Censorship in China Gary King, Jennifer Pan, and Margaret E. Roberts Paper
The Economic Costs of Organized Crime: Evidence from Southern Italy Paolo Pinotti Paper
Long-run Consequences of Labor Coercion: Evidence from Russian Serfdom Johannes C. Buggle, and Steven Nafziger Paper
The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, and Randi Hjalmarsson Paper

Industry Studies

Sometimes we look exclusively at aggregates, to our own loss. Digging into specific situations can reveal a lot of truth. These papers are all great reads.

Title Author Type
Buffett’s Alpha Andrea Frazzini, David Kabiller, and Lasse Heje Pedersen Paper
Citigroup: A Case Study in Managerial and Regulatory Failures Arthur E. Wilmarth Jr Paper
Structural Corporate Degradation due to too-big-to-fail Finance Mark J. Roe Paper

Machine Learning and Model Building

There are many other great references along these lines, but there is something in all of these that I don’t want to forget about.

Title Author Type
Machine Learning Thomas Mitchell Book
Deep Learning with Python François Chollet Book
Deep Learning Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville Book
Giraffe: Using Deep Reinforcement Learning to Play Chess Matthew Lai Paper
Estimation and Accuracy after Model Selection Bradley Efron Paper
Local Versus Global Models for Classification Problems: Fitting Models Where it Matters David J. Hand and Veronica Vinciotti Paper
Variable Selection in Data Mining: Building a Predictive Model for Bankruptcy Dean P. Foster and Robert A. Stine Paper
Greedy Function Approximation: A Gradient Boosting Machine Jerome H. Friedman Paper
P values: What they and what they are not Mark J. Schervish Paper
A Survey of Cross-Validation Procedures for Model Selection Sylvan Arlot Paper

Economic Methods

Last, but close to my heart, here’s where I reveal the inner econ nerd. Lucas’ paper, so influential that it is known broadly as the “Lucas critique”, was an impassioned and well thought out call to arms for the field. Similarly, but far less well known, Lehtinen and Kuorikoski’s paper struck a cord with me and tackled some questions that I thought only I was asking.

Title Author Type
Time Series Analysis Forecasting and Controls Box & Jenkins Book
Think Bayes: Bayesian Statistics Made Simple Allen B. Downey Book
The Likelihood Principle James O. Berger, and Robert L. Wolpert Book
Econometric Policy Evaluation: A Critique Robert Lucas Paper
Computing the Perfect Model: Why do Economists Shun Simulation? Aki Lehtinen and Jaakko Kuorikoski Paper
Why Economists Should Consider Field Experiments and 14 Tips for Pulling them Off John A. List Paper
What are we Weighting for? Gary Solon, Steven J. Haider, and Jeffrey Wooldridge Paper
Introduction to Social Network Theory Charles Kadushin Paper
Measuring the Macroeconomic Impact of Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound Jing Cynthia Wu and Fan Dora Xia Paper
Bootstrap Confidence Intervals Thomas J. DiCiccio, and Bradley Efron Paper
Bootstrap Methods for Standard Errors, Confidence Intervals, and Other Measures of Statistical Accuracy Bradley Efron and R. Tibshirani Paper
Spurious Regressions in Econometrics C.W.J. Granger and P. Newbold Paper
Testing for Unit Roots and Cointegration Bo Sjö Paper