Now that I'm old enough to forget things, I better write them down.

I do not currently have comments enabled on the site. However I would appreciate feedback. Please direct your emails to moc.liamgyrotciv.ot.elbmuf.

Over the years I’ve been called a statistician, economist, analyst, data scientist, and programmer. I’ve probably been called a lot of other things, too, but let’s not get into that. Those are some of the things I do, and I tend to apply them to some of my interests such as sports and film.

For a long time I’ve resisted the urge to publish my thoughts, work, and hobbies publicly. Often that’s for a good reason, such as not disclosing professional work I’ve done, or projects that involve friends who might not appreciate me sharing our joint accomplishments, or the code never quite being polished enough to share. But another key reason is that I’ve always taken the principle that I should avoid getting distracted, that writing about something wasn’t the same as doing it. Talk is cheap.

For the most part I still live by that. However, sharing has its advantages. I can get useful feedback and learn new things. I can keep track of what I’ve worked on. I can be pushed to polish my work before putting it out there for everyone to criticize. In the past few years I’ve let work take most of my intellectual energy; I want to remember that I have other things to work on too. Perhaps some of what I’ve done can even be useful for other people.

This site is writen using Jekyll with the Jekyll version of the Clean Blog theme and hosted on Github Pages. I chose this arrangement because it gave me control over content and presentation, combined with ease of use.

Photographs on the main pages are my own, and are from:

  • Home: Point Sur off of California’s coast, from Highway 1
  • Articles: The Three Sisters in Australia’s Blue Mountains. After this photo I hiked around them and down into the
  • Snippets: The boardwalk along Barbados’ southwest coast, in Hastings
  • Knowledge: A garden in the middle of Tokyo
  • About: Meal with friends on a patio in Lisbon, while we looked over the city at the end of St. Anthony’s festival

Other photographs will be cited on the pages used.